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Low calorie sources of fiber in a diet

People looking to lose weight find a fiber loaded diet as a suitable option for their diet plan. Foods with a high fiber content make a person feel full for longer allowing you to eat smaller portions that are spaced out within the day. Fiber heavy meals are bulky in nature and take longer to digest making them the perfect food for someone looking to lose weight. To maximize on the weight-loss process, you need to pick foods with low calories. Vegetables make for a good source of high fiber diets that have a low level of calories in them. Lettuces are the leading type of vegetables that offer a high fiber content with minimal calorie levels.

They can be used to make

They can be used to make awesome sandwich fillings and salads. Lettuces do not require to be cooked for lengthy periods of time. Alternatively, they can be prepared by steaming in a pot. Salads with lettuces tend to carry a higher fiber content when compared to cooked lettuces. Leaves of lettuces curl into a ball and have to be chopped into smaller pieces for cooking. In preparing them, you can chop bigger pieces for the salad and smaller pieces for the soup.

Celery is another good example of

Celery is another good example of a high fiber diet with minimal fiber content. These vegetables grow in marshlands. The stalk of celery carries the highest fiber content followed by the leaves. In eating celery, both the stalk and leaves can be cooked as part of a meal. Celery is used as a component in smoothies as it helps in weight loss. It is drunk early in the morning before eating anything because it works wonders on your weight loss journey. Celery makes for a fine addition in salads and can be used to make soups as well.

Low calorie sources of fiber in a diet

Vegetables have plenty of options on fiber-loaded choices including the okra. The okra is also popularly referred to as gumbo, okra has a slimy, thick juice in it that is used to thicken sauces when cooking. Gumbo is sliced into smaller pieces that are added to a soup. In terms of taste, the gumbo does not have a strong distinct taste like spices but has a mild taste that is easy to miss in your food. A cup of okra has 3 grams of fiber in it while the calories in it are only 33. Incorporating okra in your diet helps in fighting lifestyle diseases such as obesity.

Asparagus is a good source of fiber to the body with a minimal calorie intake. When cooked, they grow softer in texture compared with the crunchy snappy taste of raw asparagus. It can be consumed raw without any health complications or used in salads. Cooking the asparagus changes the taste opening your meal to new flavors. Asparagus are heavily loaded with fiber, a half-cup contains 2 grams of fiber and 22 calories when cooked. Alternatively, this vegetable can be boiled or steamed to maximize on the nutrients in your meal.

When considering veggies to cook, you should go for those that have high fiber for example carrots. Carrots can be eaten raw without requiring much cooking without any harm. Raw carrots carry more fibers but also have a higher calorie output when compared with boiled carrots in soups. In preparing carrots, the leaves are discarded and the stem is diced or grated into smaller pieces. They have this sweet tasty feel to them when eaten in their raw form. In some instances, they can be grated and added in smoothies to boost just how much fiber you are taking in.

Collard greens are another fine example of a vegetable with a high percentage of fiber while contributing a small calorie intake. Preparing collard greens is a simple process as they can be steamed in a pot or simply fried depending on your preference. Although they carry 63 calories in a cup of chopped greens, the fiber value in them stands at 4 grams. Collard greens are leafy and have to be chopped before preparing. When dipped in oil and fried, collard greens can be a fantastic delicacy to serve with corn meals. Vegetables make up for all the top sources of fiber heavy food sources that promise a low calorie count in them.