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Why Fiber is so Impotant to Your Body

The human body is designed such that it can detect what ingredients are missing to keep it healthy. Your body depends on food for various needs which include energy, proteins for cell multiplication, vitamins and fiber. Basically, your body needs energy foods to help it function and perform other processes that need energy. Carbohydrates provide you with energy while proteins give you the much-needed building blocks for your cells. Vitamins help bolster y the immune system, helps wounds to heal quickly and strengthen the bones. They help convert food into energy as well as repairing damaged cells. Of all these food types, fiber plays a central role in maintaining the body environment.

A human body depends on a

A human body depends on a number of mechanisms that help exert some controls to its processes to help them function better for the overall wellbeing. There are three main types of fiber, namely; soluble, insoluble and Resistant Starch. These are found in different types of food and perform different functions. Soluble fiber plays a major role in slowing down the emptying process in the stomach. This, in turn, helps keep the stomach full for longer periods while maintaining blood sugar levels in your body. They help lower cholesterol levels in your body which in turn gives you a lean body free of fats. Cholesterol is associated with many health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

Research has shown that cholesterol causes

Research has shown that cholesterol causes the body to develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels. These deposits may pile up to bring other conditions such as slowing down blood flow. A slowed blood flow is the precursor for hypertension. Such fatty deposits can cause blood clot as well which may lead to stroke or heart attack. Soluble fiber is found mainly in fruits, vegetables, oats, barley and legumes although there are other sources. These foods supply fiber-rich ingredients which are useful in the body. Bowel movement runs on a complex mechanism known as reflux action to perform its functions.

Why Fiber is so Impotant to Your Body

Poor fiber diet may cause muscles to lose elasticity and reduce reflux action. Insoluble Fiber is another type of fiber that is known to soften bowels and support bowel movements. If your bowel environment is not healthy, it may lead to unwarranted infections. It is insoluble because it is not easily digested on ingestion but forms the major diet that controls how bowel moves. In fact, foods such as wholegrain bread, cereals, nuts, seeds, wheat bran, and vegetables are rich in this type of fiber. Foods rich in these ingredients also create healthy bacteria that keep the intestines healthy. Doctors and other health workers recommend food rich in fiber as a natural way of keeping the body’s immune system strong.

Another source of fiber is Resistant Starch found in undercooked pasta, under-ripe bananas, cooked potatoes and rice. Resistant starch is indigestible in the small intestine which is why it is found in the large intestine. It helps in the production of good bacteria that improves bowel health in the large intestine. Resistant starch does that by increasing the size of stool as it softens it. You will notice you don’t take long in the washrooms for a long call. People who take too much fiber in their diet rarely struggle with long calls.

When your stool is bulky, you can easily pass it while compact dry stool causes constipation. Some fiber is also known to absorb water from your stool if it is too much watery, to reduce dehydration. Fiber may lower your risk of diverticular disease as well as colorectal cancer. In fact, a healthy lifestyle involves choosing your diet carefully so that you can beat off conditions that cause negative experiences heart attack as a result of poor diet.

Strong bones, a strong immune system, muscular strength and a healthy body, all depend on your lifestyle. Choice of diet is essential in keeping your body healthy. Fiber is even known to help keep a healthy weight, an important factor in controlling heart conditions. Your body vessels can easily allow fluids to flow freely without hindrances if the vessels are free of fatty deposits. Research has shown that if you increase your finger intake, you are likely to live longer. The benefits associated with fiber are numerous even though it isn’t easy to keep such a diet due to factors such as culture and other social differences.